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Why "Naimish Ortho" Oil ?

The quality you’re getting with our product is comparable to a luxury brand, in many cases, even better, given the stringent QC practices we follow. However, we believe that because something is 100% natural, pure, authentic and makes a luxurious experience, it should not become unaffordable. You will find that Naimish Ortho prices are 20-50% less than those brands of comparable quality products. But that’s not all, Naimish products last a very long time, since less is more.

100% Natural Ingrident

We believe in showing ALL our 40+ ingredients, not just ‘KEY INGREDIENTS’ to you beforehand! Here’s the complete list of ingredients for you to review:

Rigorous Testing

Each oil goes through three levels of testing – Organoleptic, Physicochemical and Microbial. These high-end processes ensure the premium quality of each particle of the product!

Intensive Research

We harness the power of Ayurvedic formulations and years of research in the vast and established knowledge of Ayurveda, herbal extracts, fruit extracts, classical oils and more.


  • Those who want to get rid of joint pain naturally but are not getting a lot of success with it
  • Working professionals whose 9 to 5 becomes 9 to 9 every day and posture related stiffness becomes a nagging neck/knee/back pain
  • Mothers, fathers and grandparents to keep their joints soothed and healthy and help them break free from years of discomfort and debilitating pain
  • Those looking for an instant spot-massage or an indulgent pick-me-up deep rejuvenation and pain-relief after a long day!

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Scientific Publications

Just a few drops of this powerful herbaceous treat of 21+ herbs including Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Bala, and more, are enough for all your pain problems. You don't have to worry about any hot or cold burning sensation or redness on the skin on application either.

This joint care elixir is also free of those strong, overpowering odours that you find in gels, sprays and other fast-acting pain relievers. Instead, you get a deeply relaxing, pleasant aroma that puts you at ease, instantly. What's best? Less is more so your 1 bottle of NAIMISH ORTHO OIL will last a long time!

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